Ominous Clouds

We have had some interesting rain clouds and storms as of late. All minor in severity but they make for intriguing weather-watching.

Usually I would be more nervous about seeing mammatus clouds but these were moving away from us towards town and fortunately, they carried no hail that we could see.

We haven’t yet seen the house take hail yet and we are crossing our fingers and toes that our metal roof and stucco siding make it through the ’23 storm season unscathed.


Finally, it rained tonight. It only took several months for our first respectable rain to arrive but it was GLORIOUS.

The dark and slow-moving clouds arrived first and seemed to chug to a stop overhead, bunching up like clogged highway traffic at rush hour. Then, the first few patter-pats of raindrops began to plop onto the windows and our metal roof. This was followed by roughly forty-five minutes of meditative bliss as a heavy blanket of rain and gentle thunder enveloped our ridge.

I opened the front and patio doors, leaving just the screens closed to welcome in every last iota of humidity that could make its way into the house. As evening fell, I turned off all the lights, lit a single candle and sat down to enjoy the moment as I watched the rain drops meander down the windows overlooking our valley.