A Quick Tidy-up

Confessions are supposed to be good for the soul. Well, since I’ve added 35 posts to this site over the last 2 years, it’s been gnawing at me that my content, layout and posting strategy isn’t as ship-shape or consistent as I’d like. And yes, I’m that blogger who simply can’t leave things as they are. Just making changes going forward would just make far too much sense and be too easy.

So begging your pardon, I’ll be taking the site offline for a few days to do a bit of blog housekeeping. Thanks in advance for sticking with me; I sincerely appreciate your visits!

Be back soon-

A Vedauwoo Venture

Earlier this month, a camping trip happened in southern Wyoming at Vedauwood campground (part of Medicine Bow National Forest).

I would never have expected to run into a number of hummingbirds here.


Talk about a goldmine of a view.


Even two herons showed up (what’s next? Flamingos?).


The campsite itself was something to behold set up on the top of this rocky hilltop in total privacy at sunset.



Large, flat boulders made for a comfortable spot to stretch out and watch the sun go down.

The sunrise though. Wow.


I truthfully don’t know if I’ll ever see a glorious morning that stunning ever again in my lifetime. It took my breath away. That kind of natural beauty will make you stand quietly and thank all that is precious you were given the opportunity to witness it.


As I sat on a boulder near the edge of our site, I took notice of the many flowers that grew out of the slightest of crevices. Purples, yellows, whites and pinks abounded.


And little chipmunks were everywhere! They eagerly announced their energy and excitement to the world by flitting about and chirping loudly with their tails twitching this way and that.


I sincerely hope to come back to this exact spot again soon to experience this special place over and over.

Label Makers of the World

An angry, frazzled rant. That about covers it.

This is a personal, urgent plea to all the adhesive label manufacturers out there and the business that buy from them. We are venturing into self-driving automobiles, we are printing out human organs and my 7 year old niece and nephew can operate iPads in their daily public school classes.

Stop it with the impossible-to-remove, draconian adhesive labels already.

2017-06-03 Label Bottle_01 Seriously people. I will pay the extra dollar or whatever it costs for the easy-to-remove labels. Everyone knows what I’m talking about here. The sheer joy the human soul exudes when you begin peeling the label from some material purchase and realize it’s one of “those” labels that will peel right off.

It’s a religious experience.


In fact, I’d like to think cosmic scientists might want to study the state of the universe when you get to peel a label like that off as it’s likely a new star was born somewhere.

2017-06-03 Label Bottle_03However if we are not so fortunate with those lucky labels, we all know the only answer is to either give up on life and carry on with our new purchase forever stained with the torn strips of the original label carnage, or reach out to the orange bottle of greatness that removes the gooey remnants of our rant (but not so much our having lost our tempers and and set loose many an expletive).

And thus I found myself late last night, scratching remnants off a new bottle I’d bought in the grocery store for a camping trip the next day like a mad person. Complaining and spraying half a bottle of goo remover over it for two hours.

Bless you, makers of the goo removers – you know who you are. At least you’re out there fighting the good fight for us.

High five.


When You Have Time for a Drive

Wandering on wheels around Horsetooth Reservoir

Memorial Day morning found me awake way too early and not having a single plan for the day. I pointed my SUV west and started driving just to see where the streets would take me. I noticed a single road on my vehicle’s mapping screen that seemed to run into the mountains, so I aimed for it. I realized I was headed towards Horsetooth Reservoir.


Eagerly, my Toyota Highlander began to climb. The drive was slow due to a holiday runner’s race. And after touring around a bit, the lakeside vistas opened up and all that is Horsetooth was evident.


I drove around the lake, on into the mountains behind the reservoir and back again. Totally worth the decision to see where my wheels would take me on a whim.


Now to buy a kayak.