Vivid Color

BLOG 20091121 ROSE GARDEN PHOTOS 2 - 13 copy 2 2I happened upon this bloom while strolling a local botanical garden. It was only just beginning to open its petals but there was just something about that color that caught my attention. Not peach, not pink, not orange, but something so striking and soft that I studied it for a time. Should I ever identify this particular rose, I’m planting a few bushes of it! Gorgeous.


IMG_5313 (1) 2I was experimenting in a local rose garden on taking shots somewhat off-center and purposefully changing up the field of focus and the framing of shots. A few bushes I passed were a type of double-blooming varieties and nearly looked like peonies, they were so full. Even though it was a practice shot, I still do like the vibrant color and the off-center organization of this one.

Seed Thief

BLOG 20110706 SEED THIEVES 8 2 2Finches love zinnias and other flowers they can easily pluck seeds and tasty bits from such as cone flowers, sun flowers and so on. A few summers ago, I tossed a handful of zinnia seeds into some pots on my back deck and enjoyed repeat blooms for weeks.

And so did the finches. It was a finch feast.

This fellow figured out the easiest way to balance his weight on the stems and be best-positioned to still be able to snack on the flower head. Smart little things!