Admin Update

Hopefully in the last 24 hrs any subscribers did not receive a number of duplicate posts from me, I’ve moved this site back to (more to come on that later perhaps but it’s mostly related to technical issues).

The reason you might have received some emails is that there was a technical glitch relating to the domain coming over correctly that I had to seek help on from the wonderful folks at WordPress. The result was having to re-upload several recent photos again after the move, but apologies if anyone woke up to loads of update notifications today and wondered why.

That should be it though, and the move is complete.

Blog Spring Cleaning

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

For the past week, I’ve embarked on what was envisioned to be a tidy-up of the blog site here and maybe a few tweaks. This ultimately resulted in a move to a different server, a change from to, and a theme template overhaul. Having not done any of this since 2015 (and some of it, never before), it was more of a project than I bargained for.

This new blog theme will use featured posts and excerpts on the main page. Since my prior template didn’t offer this option, the prior posts might look at little bare until the next few are added to continue the trend.

But here we, shiny and new! Thanks for your patience as I work out the last few kinks.

Admin Update

Life By Lens and Laptop will be moving to new hosting servers and from to I will be taking the opportunity to perform maintenance tasks as well during that time. Hopefully no significant downtime will result and you will not notice any disruption. If you find the site offline unexpectedly, your patience is appreciated.

Shiny and New

Over the last few years I’ve authored two blogs. Both were creative outlets I enjoyed toying with in my spare time. My first blog was to simply give friends and family a way to connect with me when I moved out of state and the second was intended to share my love of photography.

Since then, life happened as it does. A lot has since changed. And I left blogging for a time to sort matters out.

Fast forward to the present, and I realized I missed blogging. I missed sharing my most favorite photos and links, or doodling with widgets and the elements of themes and site design. But I mostly missed those moments where a completely random visitor would leave a comment and establish a connection of commonality.

Thus, a new blog it is, in parallel with the new life I am forging.

There will be oh so much to post about, both past and present.

More to come soon…