Cold Feet


This tiny Dark-eyed Junco was doing all it could to only keep one miniature foot in the snow at a time in a 2014 snow in Virginia. It was only after watching carefully for several moments from 25 ft away that I noticed it changing feet every few moments. Not to worry though, just out of camera range were 4 feeders I kept filled in the back yard it had a feast at.

Bird Fluff

20101126_Mourning_Doves_6This was a cold Virginia winter morning that was so chilly, the local mourning doves preferred to perch on the metal bird bath (or get a brisk sip of water, I wasn’t sure which). The device being held under the water by the stone is a water warmer which kept the water just above freezing on such days so birds could still have access to water without it icing over. I couldn’t get over how fluffy these doves stayed as they worked to remain warm until the sun rose.


2013-red-tailed-hawkA sky hunter patrolling the skies high above the tree tops. This red-tailed hawk circled for a while, checking out the woods, looking for an unfortunate critter. It’s humbling to watch hawks and other birds of prey from the ground, knowing their eyesight is so amazing that their view of us is tremendously better than ours of them.

Springtime Soloist

2013-carolina-wrenThis happy Carolina Wren used to frequent my back porch back east. I enjoyed keeping my camera on the kitchen counter to catch little glimpses of its visits and to listen quietly by the patio door as it would sing its little heart out. These are sweet little birds and they tend to have a spirited, spunky look with their tails jutting this way and that.

Little Ray of Sunshine

2013-pine-warblerThis bright fellow caught my eye on my back porch when I lived in Virginia. I didn’t see ¬†many of these Pine Warblers, but this guy routinely returned every few days to feed from a nyjer sock and show off his bright and sunny feathers in my kitchen window. Now here in Colorado, I don’t expect to see these birds this far out here, but I kept this picture in my archives as a happy reminder of my sweet little backyard visitor.