Orchid Blooms in Sunset

This is my most prolific blooming orchid in our home: Shin New View x Smile Angel.

Despite our move of residence in October, and the stresses that occurred to the plants then coupled with the more drafty home we are fixing up, it continues to flower on. Orchids are susceptible to significant temperature changes, wind and bugs (all of which happened to my collection during the showing of our former home and after moving).

Before and after the move, this one orchid somehow continues to happily bloom every few months with a waterfall cascade of bright magenta patterns. Its roots have always remained healthy and plump despite the changes.

This orchid gets most of its light from ceiling windows high above it. It receives mainly indirect, soft day-time light. But for just a few moments each afternoon, soft rays of the fading sun move over it as the angle of the sun shifts through side windows, and the petals seem to come alive.

Some growers like to arch or stake their spikes but I just let them hang over as they would in nature if growing from a tree or a rock. They seem to be very happy with this arrangement.

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