New Bird Sightings: Chipping Sparrows

Shortly after we last noticed the first appearance of mountain bluebirds, we’ve now sighted some local chipping sparrows! We first saw these birds during a terrific snow where they were flitting through the blowing snow currents rolling off of our roof in extreme cold. We think they somehow navigated up the ridge to our home from an established creek that runs through the valley of where we live.

These sweet little bubs make my day to see them regularly visiting us now that they have found some seeds I toss out every few days. They have great cover from nearby brush on our hillside and seem to not get bullied too much by our regular magpies.

We hope to continue to see the bird visitor population continue to increase as time goes by. Bird watching is good for the soul and helps us not forget to marvel at the abilities and beauty of even the smallest creatures.

‘Til next time little one!

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