Golden Eagle Sighting

These are very exciting photos to get to take, finally. A few months ago I thought I had seen an adult golden eagle pair hunting in our valley and had been eagerly waiting to see one or both again. Lo and behold yesterday, a shadow briefly swooped over our back deck and I grabbed my Canon and ran outside hoping again – and there one was!

While it was only one, this one put on a show enough for both and I followed him or her high in the sky as far as my lens could reach. (These are cropped photos, trying to get the best detail and sharpness available to post).

It was definitely hunting for food on the plains by our home and soon dipped into the valley that our house overlooks.

I am grateful that bird sightings have occurred in the last few weeks – it has been a welcome relief that we can continue to enjoy birdwatching here. Given the lack of trees and cover, I was worried that we would be sans birds of any type out here. But with a recent bald eagle visit and now this golden eagle confirmation, along with smaller birds starting to appear, it seems exciting days are to come!

‘Til next time, friend!

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