Cat Nap Nooks & Crannies

Fury finds the warmest little nooks and crannies to curl up in and catch a cat nap no matter where she is. Yesterday I found her trying to nose into the opening of a insulated grocery bag so I took her cone off and let her enjoy nearly an hour of supervised “no-cone time” in the bag.

It makes complete sense: It is small, enclosed and warm. Not to mention it gives a crinkly sound and feeling to her little black beans when she walks on it. (Fury LOVES things like this – tissue paper, packing paper…anything that crinkles).

Photographing Fury can be difficult in shadows as with all black cats, unless she is in direct light, she is her own little black hole that all light and contrast disappears into.

But difficult photographs and all, she’s our little cutie and we adore her for the sweet love she brings to our family every day.

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