A Big Thing Happened

Often times when a blogger leaves their site alone for weeks at a time one of two things have happened: 1) That person has lost interest in posting and given enough time is going to give up the ghost or 2) Something big is happening in that blogger’s life and they will come back soon once things return to normal.

And such has been the second option for our family since my last post.

We moved! And the irony was we were not expecting it one bit either.

A wonderful opportunity dropped into our laps unexpectedly, if we were able to make it happen on short timelines. And we did. Somehow, by grace from above, working with good people and a lot of long nights and weekends, we pulled it off. There are still a few follow-ups in progress, but most of the hard part is done at this point and we are in our new house.

For the last month and a half, it has been utter insanity. Working by day and transitioning every evening and weekend to packing, getting show ready, being on the market, negotiations and the typical ups and downs that go along with it all.

Electricians, plumbers, installers and delivery people are still coming and going every other day here at the new house, so the dust has definitely not settled yet (literally nor proverbially). We still have a ways to go on the fixes here until we are “done” but the end is starting to be in sight while we sell our prior home.

Looking forward to sharing new updates and photos soon and finding normalcy again!