A Palmetto State Vacation (Day 3)

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens: On our last day of vacation after the previous day, we started off at what was my top pick of places I wanted to see (based on the brochures).

2019-05-19 Magnolia 1

As someone who is happiest slowly exploring all that nature’s flora and fauna have to offer, Magnolia Gardens was at the top of my list. We elected not to tour the actual house as we were trying to fit in both the gardens here as well as another plantation later in the day.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 2

The gardens were expansive, including swamps, waterways, gravel pathways lined by specimen trees and flower beds and a variety of other unique elements. I could have likely posted a gallery of 30-40 floral shots; there were flower beds and gardens galore.

When walking the many trails through the gardens, the trees were the epitome of Southern beauty. You can’t help but just look up and enjoy the visual feast.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 25

A memory that brings a chuckle is the several alligators we encountered while walking. There are swamps here: Where there are swamps, there are gators.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 14

They kept to themselves mainly, only venturing near if an edible target was close by in the way of frogs, turtles or such tasty morsels. Most of them were small.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 3

I can just imagine if I lived here I’d be seated on the banks of the small lakes and water features every day just taking it all in (being mindful of the alligators of course).

Being the epic Southern plantation gardens it is, beauty and flowers abounded (magnolias included).

2019-05-19 Magnolia 15

Everywhere we walked, there was a small scene happening in every corner or outcropping.


2019-05-19 Magnolia 32

The sense of tranquility here translated to the tourists. Despite having a large number of visitors strolling about, it was still very quiet.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 9

Who doesn’t want a red bridge flanked on both sides by planers of overflowing flowers in their own back yard?

2019-05-19 Magnolia 28

Walking pathways went on and on in a chain of discovered serendipities!

2019-05-19 Magnolia 30

Ok, really, I could just build a little cottage for us right here on the water.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 16

2019-05-20 Magnolia 16 b

It also just so happens that Magnolia Gardens has a petting zoo of a myriad of local animals, including several peacocks!


2019-05-19 Magnolia 7

The stillness was a welcome respite.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 17

My favorite part of the entire day at Magnolia Gardens was the Audubon Swamp Garden (of all things, a swamp!?).

We tackled this last and I had small hopes. It was the high point in the afternoon. It was hot. I was tired. I had sweat through my shirt and hat. And we still had another place to go after Magnolia this day. And it said “Swamp” on the sign.

But truthfully, though, this was the best part.


2019-05-19 Magnolia 34

The turtles were equally entertaining as they were brave, given that they sunned themselves with the constant threat of nearby alligators.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 18

This one kept floating lazily in circles around the bases of trees in the water, waiting for any fledgling birds to topple out (none did while we were there, thank goodness).

The birds though! One section of the swamp was just teeming with rooks, herons and a myriad of other local birds. The constant calls of mates to one another and chatter of juveniles hungry for the next arriving parent to the nest were a continual musical of swamp banter. Trees jutting out of the water contained no less than 5-6 large nests each. It was a wonder to watch.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 20

Most of the trails through the swamp were heavily shaded and simple to follow. We found a perfectly-placed bench right by the water and settled in to watch and listen.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 22

The swamp garden was a bird watcher’s delight!

2019-05-19 Magnolia 33

And speaking of all things related to birds, who knew Audubon himself frequented the plantation so often?

2019-05-19 Magnolia 12

As we exited the property to the parking lot, we passed by this petite little house surrounded by a small but thriving garden center. On pausing to read the sign by the path, reading this endearing story was our last piece of the plantation. Somehow the story of Grandma Tena was just right, even to a stranger.

2019-05-19 Magnolia 11

It’s nice to think that everyone who passes by sees her picture and can read this story.

Boone Plantation: We ended up our day, and our vacation, at Boone Plantation on the last of our tour days before we flew out the next morning. On arriving onto the property, imagine having this for your driveway! It took over 200 yrs for the oak trees to manage to arch over to one another.

2019-05-19 Boone 8

We had just finished a full day at Magnolia Plantation and were pretty worn out and had reached our maximum sun exposure for the most part. We elected to tour what I was mostly interested in: The gardens of course!

2019-05-19 Boone 20

When the husband asked what I wanted to see here, I asked just to see the gardens and grounds. We had been running full tilt at this point for three days and were also nearing the max point of comfort for how much we had been in the sun this day.

Our first point of exploration was a butterfly garden held within a small, netted structure. It contained a plethora of tropical plants and local flowers complete with fountains (but the fountains were unfortunately being maintained and had been drained while we were there).

The gardens, while much smaller vs. Magnolia Plantation, were worth the drive over.

2019-05-19 Boone 5

My lens might have been overused a bit, snapping pictures of nearly everything in bloom. It’s a bad habit I have when around growing things. But how beautiful the colors are!

2019-05-19 Boone 6

We rounded up the day by taking a tractor-pulled wagon narrated by tour guides of the entire plantation. The wagon was covered by a tarp, and was very much the shade we needed at this point. Unfortunately, the ride was a bit bumpy so I elected to simply sit back and listen to the history. But I did walk over and snap a picture of these older tractors on display near the area where we waited for our tour.

2019-05-19 Boone 9

The plantation still serves as an events center and houses polo horses.

2019-05-19 Boone 10

It was a FULL three days with a day before to fly in and a day after to fly out. But it just goes to show how much you can fit in when on vacation. And even better, I got to see all these places with my favorite guy. ‘Til next time, South Carolina!


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