Morning Hoar Frost


This morning started off with fog rolling in and enveloping much of our area with crystalline hoar frost.


The back yard aspens were in greater contrast when covered with the briar-like formations but they quickly melted away with the rising sun.


The pines also sported their own armor of white spikes as well. Interestingly, there must have been a slight breeze or wind as the frost only formed in the direction of that air movement and other parts of trees and structures had no frost at all.


It did make for a very interesting winter wonderland scape while it lasted.

Wyoming Winterscapes

Beautiful views dazzled all along our way on a recent road trip to the Thermopolis, WY last week. It was a winter wonderland throughout the Boysen Reservoir, the Wind River Canyon and Thermopolis itself as we visited family in the area. Looking forward to a return trip when we can catch more light in the canyon itself. Wyoming never disappoints.