Colorado Living is Shocking

When I officially arrived in Colorado in June of this year from Virginia, I observed a consequence of living in an arid elevation that I had not considered: Static electricity.

The air is so dry here vs. what I was accustomed to on the East Coast that I found myself constantly getting shocked on every metal surface in my apartment, when pulling clothing from the dryer or when moving about on carpet.

And I’m not talking small shocks that are barely noticeable.

No sir, I’m talking shocks that can add new and colorful options to your vocabulary.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had my ear buds in listening to my iPhone while doing laundry, and when I’ve leaned in to pull something out of the dryer and the cord would jump to touch the cloth from the build-up and the electrical shock that raced up to explode in my ears was nothing short of painful.

Laundry is now done sans ear buds.

Over the last few months I’ve begun to subconsciously touch metal everywhere possible when I feel the charge building up while moving about. I even try to remember to ground myself before I pet my cat as I’ve unintentionally shocked her little nose countless times when she saunters up for a petting.

So while I still love the state of Colorado, the majestic scenery, the outdoor lifestyle here and all that is wonderful about this part of the country, it is definitely…shocking.

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