Splish Splash

A pair of juvenile European Starlings were having the best time in our bird bath a few days ago. So much fun, in fact, the they splashed out nearly all of the water.

We’ve been visited by several birds who enjoy coming to have a sip of cool, clean water as well as some who prefer to splash about (usually it’s the robins who have a party in the bath). The bowl was a simple $30 purchase from a local landscaping shop, but has provided so much entertainment to watch our feathered friends while they enjoy their own little watery oasis.

The Worm Coma

There’s almost nothing so adorable and natural as an infant having just filled up on warm milk and then passing out into a milk coma in a state of utter bliss. Walking by my kitchen window yesterday, I am pretty sure I just observed the Robin equivalent: The worm coma:


This Robin parent was working so hard (as mom and dad birds of all types are in the spring). The fledgeling was perched, unmoving, on our back deck rail for hours while the adult flew back and froth continually. I was worried for 2 hours when I didn’t see the adult return, but then they did and junior was treated to a big piece of yummy worm.


After which he or she promptly passed out into, you guessed it, a worm coma. The little fluff could hardly hold it’s head up as it snoozed the warm day away.


Finally the poor thing was in such a state of snooze, it just let it’s little head fall down and there it lay, the most contented Robin in the history of birds.

Once the worm coma passed, it was up and at ’em again, chirping away as a little homing beacon for the adult to come back again, and again, and again…

Winter Visitor

As spring fades into summer here in Wyoming, our home was visited by Winter. No, we haven’t experienced a shift in climate, but instead a friendly visitor who began tip-toeing through our property over the winter months. Being all white and often blending with the snow then, I named him/her Winter. This furry feline neighbor (from where we do not know) took a hiatus recently but came back a while ago.


I first did a double-take when I saw a paw sticking up out of a flower pot in the back yard. Winter was back. Granted, he/she has been a menace on occasion to the backyard birds we feed year round, but overall our furry visitor doesn’t do any harm otherwise.

We tend to attract local animals somehow. In addition to Winter, we’ve also been visited by other neighborhood cats who are allowed to roam (or perhaps are feral). So long as no damage is done, we welcome the visits.


Fury the Wonder Cat

In December, my husband’s early Christmas gift to me was the opportunity to adopt a cat from a local shelter. Being an animal lover, I’d missed having a furry companion for a while and was looking forward to it.

The original agreement was to select a cat after our family vacations at Christmas as we didn’t want to bring a new animal into our home 1-2 weeks before and then leave it alone. However, as he informed me nearly a month in advance this would be my present, Yours Truly was not waiting that long.

About a week later after this announcement, it seemed only prudent that we should go ahead to the local Petco to purchase some basic elements that would keep (food, food / water dispenser, litter, litter box). You know, just on the off-chance we found our new family member early and didn’t want to be caught unprepared!

I’m pretty sure my antics were transparent, but on arriving at the pet store that also just happened to showcase local shelter animals up for adoption, I zeroed in on a particular kitten who was just adorable. See, my husband is not swayed by anything. Anything. And my pleas and cajoling were getting me nowhere to want to move up brining a cat home earlier than agreed. It might have finally been having his nearly 40-year-old wife pleading in the public store, but after many walks through the aisles, the hubby relented and said we could choose a cat early but only if we went to the local shelter itself to see all the possible cats.

Now here’s the thing you need to understand about me. I will find something wonderful, precious and uniquely endearing about every animal I meet. So I knew that I would find some deserving pet this day who I could give a good home to. The puzzle factor was, finding one my husband would warm to. 

We looked at every cat there. I asked my husband, “See any that really speak to you or you like?”. I was met with, “Eh, maybe.” This gave me pause as I certainly didn’t want to take off for home with my version of the perfect cat that he’d not appreciate or find endearing going forward. We made a second circle of the circuit of the walls of cat crates. When I asked again, he nodded to a crate where a tiny black kitten was snuggled next to a sibling kitten who was creamy and equally cute.

When I prodded further if this was one he wanted to possibly see, I got a “We can.” So we were ushered to the meet and greet room and awaited the introduction. 

Now here’s where the plot turns.

I am the animal lover. I am the person stray animals always find their way to. I am the soft heart that picks up the injured or lost. I adopt everything that breathes and needs a home. When I introduced my older sister to my husband when we were dating, she even raised this for his awareness that it was only a matter of time until we had an animal menagerie. So I just knew I had better go ahead and take a seat on the concrete floor because the cat was for me. The cat would sense my adoration for all creatures and just gravitate to me. Not my stoic husband.

And as you guessed, when the volunteer arrived with the little black dollop of fur, we waited patiently and quietly for her to get comfortable walking around the room without being bothered. Only then did we begin to talk to her and move around a bit. And totally ignoring me on the floor, my Christmas present eyed my other half who was sitting in a chair in the corner, made a beeline to him and jumped directly into his lap where she turned 2 times, sat down and purred. Claimed. (When I told this story to my family later that night by text, the irony was not lost on them and it was met with a number of emojis laughing hysterically).

And so we went home with a 4 month old kitten.

The charade went on once we got home. She wouldn’t let me pick her up, wouldn’t come near me. Only my husband. I was heartbroken thinking how could this be? I’m the animal person. I loved her to pieces. She was my Christmas present. And how would this cat-relationship work now? My husband assured me over and over it would all be fine.

We struggled for days as to what to name her. Obvious options were Ebony, Midnight and other black-fur-themed names. However what she reminded us of most was the Dreamworks movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” where one of the main characters is an animated black dragon with striking eyes named Toothless. And Toothless was a type of special dragon called a Night Fury who over the course of the story, came into his own special powers through overcoming obstacles. So we named her Fury – it seemed odd at first, but there was something endearing that such a contrast in name fit the same type of lovable personality as the animated tiny black dragon in the movie.

Within a few days, roles had totally reversed. I’m not sure to this day if he had a special kitty conversation, or what happened, but ever since, she has preferred my lap to his. She looks for me in every room and sees me as her provider of all things. Granted she still has a special relationship with my husband. Any project he begins work on, she is right there to help: Sitting at attention next to him just waiting to be tagged in to help be part of the situation. But since my husband is in law enforcement and works night shift, and I’m home-based, we’ve become the pals I’d hoped we’d be.

Fast forwarding to present, we’ve had a lot of adventures in the last 5 months. Most of them medical that will be an ongoing journey, but some of them are the expected comedies any new pet family goes through with a new kitten. Our girl continues to be a furry force of love and fun so I’ll share some of those adventures with pictures as we go along. 

Because really, who’s day isn’t made better by a picture of Fury the wonder cat?

2017-012-04 Welcome Fury

First arrival home taken 2Dec2017.